Posted by admin | Woman | | Tuesday 20 March 2012 1:46 pm

Does Fashion You Admire Reflect a Woman You Admire?

“We women really do look very hard at each other.” That’s how Meryl Streep began her introduction for Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World summit.

Then she invited us to check her jacket – a Sergeant Pepper style complete with long tails limned in pink satin – a stylish if rather costumey look especially good for women self-conscious about their bottom half. I personally wish long tuxedos would come back with a vengeance (Ellen wears them sometimes). Streep seems fond of the Sgt. Pepper look; she wore one here as well, in one of my favorite speeches she gave last year.

We look hard at each other, she asserts, because what we’re really looking for is inspiration.Meryl Streep then compared herself to Hillary Clinton, outlining their similarities and then their differences.

But because she began with fashion, I wondered about that as a point of entry for inspiration. Do we judge other women on their fashion to determine if we would be, could be inspired by them as people?

There are certainly women I admire — Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton being two of them! — although I wouldn’t necessarily want to imitate their fashion choices. Meryl Streep, a recent Vogue cover girl, finally got her own Lookbook courtesy of New York magazine, ther ther are looks I can certainly relate to over the years — animal prints, and ’80s Big Hair, 2005’s suits were lovely…Conversely there are women whose style I greatly admire, and whose wardrobes I wouldn’t mind having, but I wouldn’t necessarily want them I as life mentors.