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Posted by admin | Singles women | | Wednesday 3 August 2011 12:06 am

The world press has trumpeted on the novel of our boxer Vladimir Klitschko and Hollywood singles women Hayden Panettiere, known in Ukraine for his part in the popular TV series “Heroes.” The very fact of the novel pair does not confirm, but continues to appear together on secular hangouts. We met singles women Hayden and Vladimir in February 2009, at a book presentation, a few days later were spotted together in Los Angeles in the club Guys. Then Hayden told friends that he and Vladimir – just friends. But not so long ago, a couple spotted in Miami during the New Year holidays. Later is at Frankfurt Airport. Last week they appeared together in Hamburg at the award ceremony Prize the Best of Musical for best musical. While their relationship a couple of silent, but also because it is evident that both glowing with happiness. It seems they are ready for serious changes in their lives. By the way, rest singles women Panettiere leaving the blonde, but returned painted in rusty-red color. And this is still the only thing that is now the actress commented on the media, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine. “I had to change something. Now I do not feel like a blonde – she said. – Actually I was going to disguise a darker color. But then decided that the first painted in red, and then – in the dark.” We know that experimenting with the look of a woman begins only when ready for a serious change in life. What kind of change – Hayden hides. Is laconic and Vladimir Klitschko. “I am happy – he answered the question about whether singles women Panettiere his new girlfriend. – But more comments about my private life do not wait.” To blow the mystery and brother Volodya – Vitali Klitschko, who konretno speak on the subject refused, but on something “such things” still hinted.