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Sara on Giovanna
I’m so happy when Giovanna asks my opinion about a shoot she’s styling. Likewise, I value hers – I’d change a bag if she says it should be different. Fashion is a bond between us; we share clothes – you can’t imagine what she has. People always stop her, wanting to take pictures of her outfits. Growing up, she was always the more extrovert dresser. I was classic – cashmere jumpers, polo shirts, very boring.

Like Giovanna, my first job was modelling. She was 17 and I was 16 when we first started working for Dolce & Gabbana. I was partying in the Bay, a fashion club in Milan, and I was spotted by them and ended up on their catwalk. But I only did it for a year because I hated it. So did Giovanna. It was boring; the best bit about it was working with her. I left to work as a designer at an accessories house in Florence for five years before setting up my own handbag label. I have one employee who works with me in the studio downstairs in my house in Milan, which I used to share with Giovanna. I was so sad when she moved to New York two years ago. I went over to surprise her last Hallowe’en. She was at home, and I walked in with Vlad [Roitfeld, the son of Carine Roitfeld, and Giovanna’s boyfriend], who was like, ‘Look what I found on the street!’ She was jumping around, she was so happy.