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Teresa on Margherita
People ask if there’s pressure having Margherita as an older sister, but not for me. I never had the desire to compete with her because we are so different. If she did well in school, I was happy for her; she cared so much, whereas I didn’t. Margherita has willpower in the practicalities of everyday life, but she has less self-control in her emotions. I’m the opposite. She has always been very organised, she has changed her wardrobe every season since she was a child, but I am a mess. When we were children, Margherita would have bows in her hair, very proper, and I would need a new pair of stockings after breakfast because I had ripped them. Our mum always calls me her little gipsy.

When Margherita moved to New York to study acting, we drifted a bit, but now we see each other every day. We would Skype each other when she was in New York and I was in London, and I remember once I had to teach her how to cook a risotto for her boyfriend – she’s a little bit in her own world, so she’s not good at cooking. She’s also a really bad driver. No one in the family would feel safe driving with Margherita! I’m doing a masters in fashion and textile design – I may work for Missoni one day, but fashion is too small in a way. Margherita can deal with the commercial side; but I will work on one piece and then I have to do something else. I need to push myself in different ways.

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