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Teresa on Margherita
People ask if there’s pressure having Margherita as an older sister, but not for me. I never had the desire to compete with her because we are so different. If she did well in school, I was happy for her; she cared so much, whereas I didn’t. Margherita has willpower in the practicalities of everyday life, but she has less self-control in her emotions. I’m the opposite. She has always been very organised, she has changed her wardrobe every season since she was a child, but I am a mess. When we were children, Margherita would have bows in her hair, very proper, and I would need a new pair of stockings after breakfast because I had ripped them. Our mum always calls me her little gipsy.

When Margherita moved to New York to study acting, we drifted a bit, but now we see each other every day. We would Skype each other when she was in New York and I was in London, and I remember once I had to teach her how to cook a risotto for her boyfriend – she’s a little bit in her own world, so she’s not good at cooking. She’s also a really bad driver. No one in the family would feel safe driving with Margherita! I’m doing a masters in fashion and textile design – I may work for Missoni one day, but fashion is too small in a way. Margherita can deal with the commercial side; but I will work on one piece and then I have to do something else. I need to push myself in different ways.

Jewellery designer

Jewellery designer

Artistic sisters, one an eclectic jewellery designer, the other a successful painter, work together to achieve their creative vision. Interviews by Ellie Pithers.
Alex, 46, on Pippa, 44
We first collaborated in 2002 when Pippa began working with Tom Ford at Gucci; I drew all her designs. I really adore Pippa’s jewellery – I wear even more than her – and I design the interiors of her stores. The colour scheme in the new Ladbroke Grove shop was inspired by an exhibition of Jodhpur court artists we saw at the British Museum, full of these wonderful pinks and greys. I always feel very honoured when she lets me choose fabrics for a shop because she totally trusts me. We have similar tastes, although I prefer things less crowded.
We are two of eight siblings; I have a twin brother. And both Pippa and I now have our own sets of twins. I have 12-year-old boys, and Pippa gave birth last year. We both gave birth in the year of the dragon, which is auspiciously wonderful. We grew up in an isolated house in Wiltshire. Our mother was a painter and she was always encouraging me to paint murals in the house. Pippa was absorbed in ponies, books and stones – she collected bags full of stones which had to go everywhere with us. She was very shy, whereas I was desperate for any possibility of a social life, so I moved to London when I was 16 to study photography at the London College of Printing. I eventually dropped out of my course and ran away to paint murals in Rome. By 1993 I was painting murals for a sheikh on the islands off Abu Dhabi; meanwhile Pippa was working with grassroots NGOs on human rights issues in south-east Asia. Pippa has always been more of an intellectual – I am more practical – but there is a wonderful sharing of two worlds.