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Angela, 54, on Teresa, 24
I married very young, so I was 23 when I had Margherita. I have a son, Francesco, who is an architect in New York, and then there is Teresa. Margherita has always been the perfect child, but Teresa was wild. Before having her I thought that being a good mother came naturally to me, but with Teresa I had to start a strategy. You can never put Teresa in a corner; you have to make her think that she thought of [the idea] herself. She and Francesco are both dyslexic, and whereas he would suffer psychologically, Teresa would go to the teacher and say, ‘You know that I have a problem, right? You have to help me.’ After school Teresa went to Parsons Paris, to do art, which was a disaster. They didn’t help her at all with her dyslexia. She kept saying she was going to sue them! She went to study art in Venice, but hated that, so finally she entered Naba, a new art academy in Milan, and now she is studying fashion and textiles.
Margherita always styled herself well, because it was easy to pick things from the collections, but Teresa has a totally different body, so she had to put in extra thought. She would make dresses for herself – I didn’t teach her, she went to the factory and watched the workers. They love her; they would follow her anywhere. She has the potential to work well in the company. Margherita has more of a vision, but Teresa would like the ‘doing’.

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