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GIVE me five minutes with these One Direction kids – this tattoo epidemic is out of control, writes Amber Petty.
EITHER I’m just naturally getting old and crabby or the world is morphing into one big, fairly pointless tattoo.You can’t go anywhere without seeing some young man or woman, boy or girl, prancing around town covered in tattoos.

It’s all so ironic that some of these kids believe they’re being so individual and painstakingly cool. Yet how can anything that every other young dude on the block has be cool?This whole tattoo epidemic is just totally out of control.

I’d like to have a long grandma-style chat with these One Direction kids.Although they’re happily singing squeaky-clean, packaged pop music, they’re obviously desperate to get the sorts of tattoos that are about as well designed and thought through as something I’d do with biro on a corner of paper to pass the time while listening to hold music.

And if you’re sitting there sporting a skin design of some sort and think I’ve spent too much time loitering around Burnside, out of touch with the real world, you’d be advised to check in with my father. He believes I’ll only ever date the types who can prove that they have one. But the difference here is the reason and the thought involved in getting one.

Not simply getting one because it’s supposedly cool.

The worrying thing with this extreme form of fashion is that it is just that – fashion. How many young people are just looking at their bodies and thinking “How do I fill up the blank space?”
What happened to the true sense of being cool, having the sort of self-identity that meant you didn’t needed to spell it out with a permanent stamp?

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