Progress and evolution

Further, says Kate (for the sake of having called the theory of scoffing enemy “Model Hugh Hefner,” or Playboy Mansion Model), where did you get that in the human population were fixed early mutation of female infertility? If so, when did this happen? Before or after general ancestor with chimpanzees?

If, after – it’s strange, because chimpanzees, too, is menopause. If yes, even stranger: ethologists unanimously indicate that male chimpanzees have something just prefer to mate with mature, experienced females that have already proven their evolutionary fitness and are more likely to raise healthy children.

Yes, and do not have any mutations that define the early infertility in women. If they arise, medics reproduktsionisty already would know all about them. But they do not appear, it seems. So, it seems, Canadian researchers still breccia nonsense.

At this point I like being male, unaccountably prigoryunilsya (yes, that’s it, and rush about life between feelings of guilt and a sense of worthlessness lonely, as if it were two different things.) But thanks to Kate, her feminine intuition, she realized that she can not finish the story on such a bad note. So in the end she listed a few facts that have given me a sense of the engine of progress and evolution. Here are the facts.


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Allan Vos took the audience on a trip to Japan with his Japanese-inspired collection with some touches of Middle East fashion. Several male models clad in tight shorts, sheer body tight sweaters, striped pants and somewhat feminine inspired jackets walked the floor for the designer. Some pieces like an extremely wide gold/yellow pleated pants and a graphical printed black and white legging drew all eyes.

Presenting his collection for Cold Method, Dutch designer Dieter de Cock featured pieces like paisley skirt, white tees, stylish sweatpants and a New York Yankee cap. Hues of red and blues marked the collection with lots of checks, dots and side stripe print.

2Love TonyCohen mixed sheer paneling, florals, and metallics.

Celebrity stylist Danie Bles in her collection ByDanie featured models in studded leather pants, sequined dresses, shiny jumpsuits and leopard printed cardigans and maxi skirts.

Claes Iversen collection with the Dutch summer rain as inspiration showed a collection with different layers, lengths and volumes, where the waist came inspired by the shape of an umbrella. Animal printed dresses and yellow raincoats finished other looks.

Representing Roya Hesam, Nouveau presented a collection of elegant pieces in black and white.

Francisco Benthum was inspired by scuba diving and deep sea world which showed in his collection featuring men in stripes, pink and gray.

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