Male attention

1. That man – a hunter and supporter – was in the course of evolution, capable of providing a female with cubs so that they do not have to be distracted by the food. This allowed us to have a long period of carefree childhood and eventually grow large, well-trained brains. That is, to become human.

2. Men – again for reasons of hunting and fighting for a female – first, it seems, have developed a habit of climbing the two legs. Women are still retained in this sense atavistic traits. Here’s compare the two pictures. This man – world running on all fours.
The truth is, a woman attractive? Once it is natural to her work.

3. Finally, since we are plunged into the risky topics. Many anthropologists know the long-established fact: the appearance of a woman’s breasts (and buttocks) evolved under the influence of sexual selection, that is, were originally designed primarily to attract male attention. Not to mention the pleasure felt by a woman to have sex: in the words of Kate Clancy, the clitoris – “pathetically feeble imitation of the male penis.” This is not, I wrote it with his own hand wrote a female anthropologist.

These are the discussions on provocative gender issues flare up on both sides of the Canadian border. Maybe I rushed to call their unhurried and friendly: at times, and the truth is, they slip desire to get involved in a bloody fight. But still, when compared to our current political situation in the country, agree that such topics somehow soothe and relax. A calm and relaxed – the key properties of the individual, unless you want to get into a paddy wagon for organizing mass riots. That’s why I turned to this subject, and my scrap rusty pipes even lie down for a while without eating.

Economically viable communities

Posted by admin | CEO,Commercial,Economically viable communities | | Sunday 21 April 2013 9:06 pm

They have already hosted three day pre-race day mentorship programme for participating local designers. A team from the KZNFC trained designers on such topics such as accessorising one’s collection, and will be running a model boot camp. The Council will also provide three judges for the big day, ensuring that the competitions are fairly and expertly overseen. Prizes for the best designers at the event’s fashion shows will be sponsored by the KZNFC, with a top prize of a mentorship programme valued at R30 000 for the overall winner.

The Dundee July is the brainchild of the KZN Department of Sport and Recreation, with Umzinyathi District Municipality and Endumeni Municipality as its key partners. Betting agency Gold Circle is among the event’s primary sponsors, a list which Vodacom have joined for the 2013 Dundee July. The cell phone company will contribute to the event in terms of donating winning stakes money, and providing full use of their gig rig.

The rig will ensure that the racetrack vibe is more exciting than ever, keeping visitors entertained all day long. Vodacom will also have representatives present on the day to talk about and sell airtime and tariff plans. Vodacom’s decision to support the Dundee July is a result of the company’s desire to act as a support structure to local municipalities, enabling them to build strong, economically viable communities.