Male attention

1. That man – a hunter and supporter – was in the course of evolution, capable of providing a female with cubs so that they do not have to be distracted by the food. This allowed us to have a long period of carefree childhood and eventually grow large, well-trained brains. That is, to become human.

2. Men – again for reasons of hunting and fighting for a female – first, it seems, have developed a habit of climbing the two legs. Women are still retained in this sense atavistic traits. Here’s compare the two pictures. This man – world running on all fours.
The truth is, a woman attractive? Once it is natural to her work.

3. Finally, since we are plunged into the risky topics. Many anthropologists know the long-established fact: the appearance of a woman’s breasts (and buttocks) evolved under the influence of sexual selection, that is, were originally designed primarily to attract male attention. Not to mention the pleasure felt by a woman to have sex: in the words of Kate Clancy, the clitoris – “pathetically feeble imitation of the male penis.” This is not, I wrote it with his own hand wrote a female anthropologist.

These are the discussions on provocative gender issues flare up on both sides of the Canadian border. Maybe I rushed to call their unhurried and friendly: at times, and the truth is, they slip desire to get involved in a bloody fight. But still, when compared to our current political situation in the country, agree that such topics somehow soothe and relax. A calm and relaxed – the key properties of the individual, unless you want to get into a paddy wagon for organizing mass riots. That’s why I turned to this subject, and my scrap rusty pipes even lie down for a while without eating.

People ask

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Teresa on Margherita
People ask if there’s pressure having Margherita as an older sister, but not for me. I never had the desire to compete with her because we are so different. If she did well in school, I was happy for her; she cared so much, whereas I didn’t. Margherita has willpower in the practicalities of everyday life, but she has less self-control in her emotions. I’m the opposite. She has always been very organised, she has changed her wardrobe every season since she was a child, but I am a mess. When we were children, Margherita would have bows in her hair, very proper, and I would need a new pair of stockings after breakfast because I had ripped them. Our mum always calls me her little gipsy.

When Margherita moved to New York to study acting, we drifted a bit, but now we see each other every day. We would Skype each other when she was in New York and I was in London, and I remember once I had to teach her how to cook a risotto for her boyfriend – she’s a little bit in her own world, so she’s not good at cooking. She’s also a really bad driver. No one in the family would feel safe driving with Margherita! I’m doing a masters in fashion and textile design – I may work for Missoni one day, but fashion is too small in a way. Margherita can deal with the commercial side; but I will work on one piece and then I have to do something else. I need to push myself in different ways.

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