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Rob Bell Redefines Fidelity, Love, and Who God Is.
It is troubling that a former evangelical pastor like Rob Bell would endorse same-sex marriage because “the ship has sailed… this is the world that we are living in,” and because he is “for love, whether it is a man and woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man.”His reasoning is flawed primarily because he does not hold the Bible as the authoritative word of God.
The Bible cannot be clearer on homosexuality. At every mention it is condemned as a sin (Gen. 19; Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1: 8-10; Jude 4 ff among others). Additionally, Jesus indicated that the only alternative to heterosexual marriage was celibacy (Matt 19:10). The bible is also clear on marriage-that God created it as a covenant between himself, one man and one woman (Gen. 1:26; 2:22-24; Matt. 19:4-6; Eph. 5:22-23; 1 Cor. 7:1-16; Heb. 13:4-7; Mark 10:6-9).

Many argue, like Bell, that if same sex couples are in a “loving and committed” relationship, than it is permissible for these couples to marry. The logic goes, if homosexual or heterosexual relationships are casual, they are wrong; only marriage or a marriage like relationship is permissible. The underlying presupposition is that there is a “natural” homosexual orientation that is not addressed in Scripture. Therefore, homosexuality is a gender identity that no one chooses. It is as natural as heterosexuality or being left handed. How can society or the law then expect people to change their identity? How can God, who made homosexuals that way, ask them to go against their nature? Isn’t homosexuality God’s decision?

This position reinterprets scripture and disavows who a Holy God is. It also doesn’t take into account the basic biblical understanding of the nature of man.

To accept homosexual orientation as a gender identity is unbiblical and misunderstands the nature of sin. To sin is to be separated from God in our thoughts, heart, and acts. Like many other sins identified in the bible, homosexuality does not have to be learned. The only way that homosexuality is natural is that it is a natural expression of the sinful nature (Gal. 5:17) with which people are born. It is not a morally neutral, God-given constitution.


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Don’t Get Spooked: Fashion Tips from Goastt.
Hipster Band Goastt has loads of style.
Few bands have fabulous stakes as high as The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger’s aka Goastt. The lead singer is John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s son, Sean, and his band-mate is his gorgeous girlfriend, the supermodel face for Maybelline, Charlotte Kemp Muhl. They have a devoted cult following among the hippest Brooklyn music sect, and their songs can be described as progressive rock, with an alternative edge that is in a style all their own—achingly fashionable songs that would make Sean’s famous parents proud.

Yes, their music is original, but their fashion is drawing notice too! Charlotte Kemp Muhl is turning heads around the world with her off-beat look, making her almost as famous as her famous paramour. Charlotte is known by one name in fashion circles: Kemp. The stylish one name model, who won the Elite look contest in Atlanta, has been modeling since she was 12.

Kemp has a distinct bohemian-style that draws from its inspiration from Victorian-era costume. This theatrical look is difficult to pull off, but when you are as breath-taking as this tall, willowy brunette, the effect is quite striking. She often haunts thrift shops and Village vintage stores in NYC for granny dresses and lace up boots. Her frequent style is pigtails and short sailor dresses.

For night, Kemp often favors no makeup, but a dash of bright red lipstick to accent her bee-stung lips, which are her supermodel trademark.
Sean Lennon is a connoisseur of beautiful, famous models: he has dated Bijou Phillips, Milla Jovovich, Mick Jagger’s daughter: Lizzy Jagger, and Irina Lazareanu. Yet his girlfriend, Kemp, seems to be his true love. They have a special bond and are united by their unique music. Their trend setting style imspires all of their fans.