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Online dating: Is it love or loneliness?

There’s a fine line between looking for love and avoiding loneliness. Here we look at why people resort to online dating to fill the void…

Generally nobody likes to be alone, especially as they get older. With this in mind, how do you tell the difference between actually being in love, or telling yourself that you’re in love because you are lonely and looking to fill a space in your life vacated by someone else?

You might just be looking for companionship – someone to chat with on the phone, meet for lunch, discuss a favourite book with and so on. Whether that is the case, of if you are trying to meet potential new partners, with all the dating, flirting and fun that that entails, then you are right to be looking at online dating sites. However, before you do so, it is worth establishing what it is you are looking for.

Websites such as provide quizzes to help you assess your situation: these may be for teenagers who think they’re in love, but the questions are just as applicable to those of us with a few more miles on the clock. You might find that you’re making some of the same mistakes you did when you were younger. Take a look around and get as much information as you can.

Dating in later life is a serious matter, and comes freighted with worries. What if I don’t ever find someone? What if the person I ask out for a date doesn’t show up? What if he/she likes me more than I like them? There is no way to avoid these questions, but you shouldn’t let them stop you. Try a dating website and go from there. This is the best option if you are looking for companionship, but may want it to blossom into love.

British women

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British women drive demand for extramarital dating websites

More than a million British adults have subscribed to extramarital affair dating websites, with up to 400,000 unique users logging on each week.

The sites have experienced a steep rise in demand, with some regularly seeing more female users than male.

Members are able to access the profiles of other would-be adulterers in their area and make contact through private messages.

Singles are also allowed to subscribe although the majority of users are married and middle aged., one of the largest sites of its kind, has almost 600,000 members. Analysis shows most members are parents aged 35 to 54, university educated, and browse from their own homes. Women using the site on a weekly basis outnumber men three to one.

Ashley Madison, a US-based website specialising in “discreet affairs” said it received a new British member every 45 seconds. More than 150,000 Britons use the site each week.

Noel Biderman, the firm’s chief executive, told The Times: “The number of 50-plus married women in the UK joining us has surprised me. The foundation of our business in Britain is the married woman.”

He added: “I have been to London and a few other British cities where there are massage parlours and clubs with a wink towards gentlemen, but almost nothing for women.”

The company said it acquired more than 10,000 new users the day after Valentine’s Day, and most of them were married women. There were similar increases after New Year’s Day and Mother’s Day last year.

A survey by the site found revealed the capital of online adultery to be Manchester, where there is one subscriber for every 27 people.

Julian Brazier, MP for Canterbury and patron of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, said that extramarital dating sites were pushing Britain towards a “social breakdown”.

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