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This story begins with the hypothesis put forward by Morton, Stone and Sikhs from Ontario (Canada). The hypothesis that they needed to explain the strange phenomenon: the female menopause. In fact, we are – living creatures – three billion years of evolving in that direction, as efficiently as possible to play in the offspring. Literally every crevice used to improve in this regard. And now here please: at the crown of the evolution of the female somehow loses its ability to reproduce well before the end of life, when she was still quite healthy and just gain experience, read too many columns on educational psychology, learned to bake tasty buns with cinnamon for kids – that kind of nonsense?

If you want to know the people, look at the depth of their own: that you are the person that you are able to understand better than anyone. It looks like our Canadian researchers – all three of them male – have followed this principle. And they found in their souls this: Buns and experience in the education – is, of course, the beautiful features of a woman, but put next to Scarlett Johansson – or for that matter, Sasha Grey – and that this governess with her buns and heart tells you which way to walk. To the left, of course. It remained to make this intuition as a rigorous scientific hypothesis.

The hypothesis was as follows: for human males have long favored young females more mature females, mature females were leaving fewer offspring. In the end, it turned out that the selection pressure – the same pressure that forces the individual to preserve their fertility – is no longer working on older females. As a result of mutation, which defined the early loss of female fertility, have ceased to be removed from the population. These mutations have accumulated. And, finally, to fix – have specific feature of Homo sapiens.

You do realize that if not selected, would we still have a handful of primeval slime, silly hodgepodge of chemicals. All that we are different from the volcanic slime won selection. A selection of works by definition, those who breed. Those who do not breed – from the Pope to Freddie Mercury – in the eyes of the evolution of dust and nothing malootlichimy from the chaos and silly to ask why they are what is, and not vice versa. It’s just a coincidence and slag.


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To substantiate this elegant hypothesis, our scientists have made sexist computer simulation. There, in the depths of your computer, lived and multiplied virtual creatures, with males consistently preferred to mate with females younger. In this case, in a population of randomly occurring mutations that determine the loss of fertility in a particular age. After many generations inordinately turned out that the researchers’ expectations were confirmed: in a population spread mutations that determine early loss of fertility of females.

So: the fact that I, as a man, Bar Refaeli more concerned than Meryl Streep – the cause of all those unpleasant symptoms that many women expect to turn a certain maturity. I want to apologize, I feel guilty, as befits a gentleman at any contact with the lady. Yet my sense of guilt to some extent facilitated by reading other scientific articles.

This article published on his blog an anthropologist Kate Clancy of Illinois, it is, by the way, a pretty girl.

She wrote it under the influence of anger and rage. Anger and rage, of course, has caused its Canadian counterparts article explaining the causes of women’s menopause their own perverted pedophile tastes. Rage and anger always make a woman interesting – to a certain age, of course.

Kate has left no stone unturned in our reasoning anthropologists chauvinists. First, it is fair to say that the rules of scientific research requires at least familiar with earlier scientific work on a selected topic. For example, the classic works of William Hamilton and followers. They are shown in some detail, it is true that male fertility in adulthood can be seen as an evolutionary reason that we, the people, generally live for so long. But this, you see, is not quite the same thing as “our love to a young was the reason that older women can not give birth.”

In the course of human evolution, it seems, were fixed traits that define a long childhood and adolescence – a period of good learning. This resulted in a prolongation of life. And perhaps this is why human females no longer enough eggs for the rest of their long lives. The fact that the female lays the eggs early – about the fifth month of fetal development. This is reasonable, because such a serious matter should be carried out under ideal conditions, in complete isolation from harmful environmental conditions. And if these are not enough eggs to a hundred years of life, well to do, put the whole nature of the limit.